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A Unified Purpose: Our Shared Commitment to Empowerment & Impact

14 August 2023

A Unified Purpose: Our Shared Commitment to Empowerment & Impact

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In a world where corporate success often takes center stage, there's a comforting story of kindness and sharing that deserves its own spotlight. We believe that true success is measured not only by financial growth but also by the positive impact we create in society.

A Commitment to Change

The SoleFamily Foundation has proven to be a light of hope for numerous individuals in need. From providing access to quality medical care for underprivileged children to helping children in need recover fully with their emergency recovery program. The SoleFamily Foundation, founded by philanthropist Robert Epstone, decided to start his own NGO and give back to the island he chose to retire in. Robert pledged to go barefoot until he had raised $1 million for his foundation; thus, Soleman Foundation was born. Through their tireless efforts, they have been able to create meaningful change in the lives of many.

Some of their outreach programs include:

Medical Care: Many Indonesians face challenges in accessing healthcare due to factors like hospital-related fears, service distance, and high costs. As a result, conditions like heart disease, cancer, epilepsy, burns, fractures, and infections often remain untreated. SoleFamily's Outreach teams play a crucial role in addressing this issue. They identify individuals requiring medical attention, evaluate their condition, and design a treatment plan. These teams then connect these individuals with suitable social and medical services, arranging transportation and providing support through a team member. SoleFamily remains involved throughout the entire process, guiding and assisting their patients. They maintain regular communication, both during and after treatments, to monitor their well-being and ensure proper adherence to prescribed medications.

Mental Health: In Indonesia, there is a strong stigma attached to mental illness, with many communities attributing it to a lack of religious devotion. It is commonly perceived as an evil presence and is often associated with fear or considered a result of the individual's karma. As a consequence of these beliefs, a distressing practice known as “pasung” is prevalent, where individuals with mental illness are forcibly confined, usually outdoors and in deplorable conditions. Pasung strips these individuals of their dignity and exacerbates their condition. Despite being declared illegal in 1977, “pasung” is seldom enforced, and approximately 15% of people with mental illnesses have been subjected to it. Working in close collaboration with local psychiatrists and nurses, SoleFamily Bali offers vital medical intervention. Their psychiatrist evaluates patients, prescribes essential medications, and monitors the progress of their support system called "Solebuddies."

The ultimate aim is the rehabilitation and reintegration of these individuals into their communities, a goal in which SoleFamily Bali has achieved remarkable success. The organization accompanies and assists their "Solebuddies" and their families throughout this process, which often spans several years after reintegration. The care provided extends beyond essential healthcare and social services. SoleFamily Bali strives to enhance the overall well-being and happiness of the "Solebuddies" and their families, ensuring they lead fulfilling lives. Nutritious food parcels are supplied to improve their nutrition, and homes are renovated or reconstructed to ensure safe and comfortable living conditions. Families receive guidance and support to optimize the care of their loved ones. Individuals grappling with mental illness often face obstacles in accessing appropriate care due to the prevalent fear and stigma surrounding mental health in Indonesia. SoleFamily Bali is committed to enlightening and raising awareness about this issue within families and communities in Bali.

Food Aid: Hunger and malnutrition affect a significant portion of the population in Indonesia, with 10.4% of the people living below the poverty threshold. Families that have a member dealing with physical or mental health issues face an increased risk of poverty, as these individuals often require a family member to serve as a dedicated caregiver on a full-time basis.

Individuals and families in challenging circumstances receive assistance through the provision of:

  • Well-balanced food packages containing a mix of dried and fresh food items

  • Powdered milk designed for children

  • Nutritional beverages like Ensure and Pediasure for those who are malnourished or unwell, known as Solebuddies

  • Additional essential items including soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, and laundry detergent.

Taking Steps Forward

We extend our gratitude to the SoleFamily Foundation for their dedication and significant efforts to foster positive change within the community. Their commitment to helping and uplifting lives will not go unnoticed. We deeply support the Foundation, believing in the tangible changes they are bringing about. With this blog post, we’d like to invite you to learn more about the Solemen Foundation, and its initiatives. Visit their website, and learn more about how you can get involved.

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