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Behind the Curtain: An Exclusive Interview with Mohammad Al Duaij, Alea Global Group CEO

2 August 2023

Behind the Curtain: An Exclusive Interview with Mohammad Al Duaij, Alea Global Group CEO

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Today, we have the privilege of conversing with Mohammad, the CEO of Alea Global Group, a conglomerate single-family business formed in 1998 in the State of Kuwait owned by a member of the Al Duaij family.

Alea Global Group is a family business that expertly invests its own capital in direct national and international opportunities: real estate, private equity, and physical commodities trading. With proactive ethos, Alea Global Group expertly invest their own capital and creates opportunities for themselves and their partner. Their vision is to continually add value and help improve society with their many endeavors.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the journey and experiences that shaped Alea Global Group - exploring the insights, challenges, and inspirations that have propelled this exceptional family office business forward. 

Mohammad, thank you for taking the time to sit down with us today. Perhaps a good place to start will be to look back into the past. The Al Duaij family has a rich history in Kuwait. Could you provide some insights into the origins and evolution of your family and associated family business?

The Al Duaij family has been in Kuwait since the 17th Century and has a history of philanthropy in the local area, such that part of the souk is named after us. My ancestors established a water charity foundation in Mubarakiya in 1876, providing the townspeople with access to free fresh water. Abdulaziz Ahmed al-Du’aij built a large tank in the souk that he filled with water at his own expense. This spirit of philanthropy which puts place and people ahead of profit is the basis for our ongoing business activities. Wherever possible, we do business not merely for the sake of profit, but for the wider positive impact it can have on communities, the environment, or international relations.

Can you tell us about your background and how you became involved in the family business? What experiences or influences shaped your journey?

I was inspired by my grandfather and all of his hard work as the head of the family business. He made it clear to me that he had very high expectations of me, and that I would lead the family business in the future. As well as adhering to the principles I mentioned above, I am also working to fulfill the potential he saw in me from a young age and to provide a legacy for my nieces and nephews. 

In recent years, there has been an increasing emphasis on sustainability and impact investing. How does Alea Global Group approach these areas? Are there any specific initiatives or projects that you find particularly important or inspiring?

Among our most recent projects is a vertical farming and waste recycling ecosystem we will be installing in Kuwait. This will tackle the problems of landfill, food security, and societal education on ecological matters, all in one. With this project alone we hope to inspire whole system change in Kuwait, a country that built its international reputation on fossil fuels. We are inspired by our partners and their dedication to mastering the technology that makes each element of this project possible, from the vertical farm to the mechanisms that turn food waste and plastic waste into the energy the vertical farm requires. 

Alea Global Group and Connect Group have formed a partnership and collaborated on hosting family office events such as the APAC Family Office Investment Summit and the Middle East Family Office Investment Summit. Could you shed some light on how this relationship came about and what common goals or values led to this partnership?

We started collaborating with Connect Group in 2019 and it's a partnership that works really well. As a family office ourselves, we provide insights on relevant content for the events and also leverage our network of families around the world for speakers and delegates. Connect Group, with its many years of expertise in the facilitation of these type of events, help us with the marketing and organization and ensure the events run smoothly on-site. We're very pleased with the results and look forward to maintaining a long partnership with the team at Connect Group.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming APAC Family Office Investment Summit? Why do you think it's important for family offices to join this event?

If you are a family office in the APAC region, I would encourage you to attend, not merely for purposes of business development but because being a family office member can be a difficult and high-pressure position. There is a lot of responsibility, and it's such a different role than being the head of any other business, and I believe that being around others in a similar situation is invaluable for both personal and professional needs and development. Our events are social as well as being about business, and family office members will know that personal relationships are a huge part of the way we work. On top of this, family offices have unbreakable ties to the regions in which they are based, there is nothing like the loyalty a family office has to their place of origin, and we want to give back to that place however we can. By joining with other family offices from the region, we can develop collaborations that have strong regional benefits and a positive impact on the places and people we love.

The Middle East Family Office Investment Summit is celebrating its 10th edition. Looking back, what have been some of the most memorable moments or accomplishments of this event? How have they contributed to the growth and development of the family office ecosystem in the region?

Seeing the growth of this event has been incredibly encouraging. This was the original family office investment summit, and the one with the longest track record to examine. We can see that the event is needed and appreciated by how much it has grown consistently each year, with the same people returning and new people joining every time. Our speakers have included inspirational business leaders and even royalty, so it really is a place that offers access unlike any other – whether you're a family office member or a service provider, you're guaranteed to meet amazing people you could never otherwise meet. 

Looking to the future, what are your aspirations for Alea Global Group? Are there any new initiatives or projects on the horizon that you would like to share with our audience?

We have recently joined forces with Oscar-nominated film producer Gaston Pavlovich – best known for The Irishman – to venture into the world of entertainment. This will involve bringing together the worlds of film, TV, music, and sport, reaching new audiences around the world, and using new technology. More information will be available on our website in the coming weeks.

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