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Establishing a Family Office in Asia with David Chong Kok-Kong, Founder of Portcullis Group

5 January 2024

Establishing a Family Office in Asia with David Chong Kok-Kong, Founder of Portcullis Group

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Mr. Chong Kok-Kong offers a clear overview of the Asian family office landscape, comparing Singapore and Hong Kong. He discusses the history and development of both jurisdictions, highlighting their legal systems, investment benefits, and cultural appeal for affluent families.

Clarifying the complex regulatory environment, Mr. Chong Kok-Kong discusses the different regulations in Singapore and Hong Kong. He covers investment criteria and approval times, offering a detailed view of the factors that families should consider when choosing a jurisdiction that meets their strategic goals and risk tolerance.

Finally, Mr. Chong Kok-Kong explains the tax benefits in both Singapore and Hong Kong, discussing the regulations and thresholds that affect family office structures and how families can benefit from the tax-friendly policies of each city.

This conversation provides families with the information they need to make informed decisions about where to establish their wealth.

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