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Insights from Carman Chan: A Conversation on Venture Capital and Innovation

5 April 2024

Insights from Carman Chan: A Conversation on Venture Capital and Innovation

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In the fast-paced world of venture capital and technology entrepreneurship, Carman Chan stands out as a seasoned expert with a wealth of experience. From her early days as a tech columnist to her current role as Founder & Managing Partner of Click Ventures, Carman's journey is marked by a series of entrepreneurial successes and a deep commitment to fostering innovation.

Selecting Emerging Managers: Finding the Right Fit

When it comes to investing in emerging managers, Carman stressed the importance of finding individuals who not only possess relevant knowledge but also demonstrate a keen sensitivity to future trends. Drawing parallels to her evaluation of seed-stage founders, Carman emphasized the need for adaptability and a forward-thinking mindset. She highlighted the energy and fresh perspective that emerging managers bring to the table, making them valuable partners in Click Ventures' investment journey.

LP Experience and GP Dynamics: Building Strong Relationships

Carman's experience as an LP investing in other emerging managers has shaped her approach. She emphasized the importance of synergy and resonance between herself and the managers she invests in, likening the relationship to that of entrepreneurs. By fostering strong connections and aligning with managers who share Click Ventures' mission, Carman has been able to leverage her experience and networks to empower emerging talents, contributing to the success of Click Ventures' portfolio.

Evolution into a Single Family Office: Planning for the Future

In 2019, Click Ventures transitioned into a Single Family Office, a move driven by the need for succession planning and a desire to focus on consolidating and expanding their investment efforts. Carman explained the motivations behind this shift, citing the growing complexity of managing their diverse portfolio and the importance of planning for the next generation. This transition has allowed Click Ventures to streamline its operations and strengthen its relationships with the GPs it invested in, positioning it for sustained success.

The Impact Initiative: Creating Meaningful Change

Click Ventures' Impact Initiative, recognized by the World Economic Forum, represents a unique approach to creating positive change in the investment landscape. Carman discussed how Click Ventures seeks to create an ecosystem that fosters impactful initiatives, leveraging the strengths of its portfolio companies to drive meaningful change at scale. By focusing on building synergistic relationships and empowering entrepreneurs, Click Ventures aims to amplify its impact and to provide these impact initiatives to other portfolio companies of the GPs in which Click Venture has invested.

Sustaining Success: Collaboration and Trust

Previously, Click Ventures was a VC fund before transforming into a SFO. Carman reflected on Click Ventures' consistent recognition as a top-performing venture capital fund, attributing much of this success to the strong relationships forged between LPs and GPs. She emphasized the importance of alignment, trust, and mutual support in sustaining high-performance standards. By fostering a collaborative environment and leveraging their collective expertise, Click Ventures aims to continue delivering value to its portfolio companies and investors alike.

Investment Approach and Portfolio Success: Leveraging Emerging Technologies

Reflecting on Click Ventures' diverse portfolio, Carman underscored the importance of identifying and capitalizing on emerging technologies and business models. She highlighted examples where new technologies enabled disruptive business models, reshaping entire industries. By actively engaging with GPs and leveraging their deep industry knowledge, Click Ventures seeks to enhance the value delivered to its portfolio companies, driving their growth and success.

Carman Chan: A Catalyst for Change

As one of the top women to watch in Asia Tech, Carman's profile and recognition play a crucial role in strengthening relationships within the LP-GP ecosystem. She brings a unique perspective and energy to the dynamic process of relationship-building, empowering emerging talents and driving positive change in the industry. Carman's passion for innovation and her commitment to creating lasting impact serve as guiding principles, inspiring others to embrace entrepreneurship and drive meaningful change in the world of technology and investing.

In conclusion, my conversation with Carman Chan offered valuable insights into Click Ventures' investment philosophy and Carman's vision for the future of venture capital. With a focus on collaboration, impact, and sustained excellence, Click Ventures is poised to shape the future of technology entrepreneurship and investment on a global scale.

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