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Navigating The Financial Frontier: An interview with Jenny Sun and Raymond Chan from Blue Mountain Bridge Capital

16 November 2023

Navigating The Financial Frontier: An interview with Jenny Sun and Raymond Chan from Blue Mountain Bridge Capital

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With an extensive background in finance and a proven track record, Jenny Sun and Raymond Chan's insights promise to be a beacon for both seasoned investors and those charting new territories.

In this exclusive video interview, we talked about the secrets behind the success of BMBC Income Value Fund, achieving an impressive 1.67x gross multiple within its first four years. Gain a deeper understanding of the strategies and approaches that powered this achievement and explore the valuable lessons learned during their tenure at Azentus Capital.

Discover how these experiences shape their perspectives on building and managing successful investment portfolios, especially in the dynamic and diverse Asian special situations market.

Moreover, our discussion touches upon the nuanced art of tailoring investment strategies to align seamlessly with the unique goals and risk tolerance of family office clients. Investigate the promising trends and sectors within the Asian special situations market, and learn how to navigate risk successfully.

This interview also sheds light on the disciplined approach to investment analysis and decision-making, drawing from Jenny's role as a CFA charter holder and her educational background. Uncover how this approach not only guides their roles as leaders in finance but also holds valuable lessons for family offices aiming for sustainable success.

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