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Sustainability in Action: A Conversation with Vishal H. Kewalramani, Founder & CEO of The Valkin Group

27 November 2023

Sustainability in Action: A Conversation with Vishal H. Kewalramani, Founder & CEO of The Valkin Group

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In our conversation, Vishal elaborates on the key milestones and turning points that guided The Valkin Group toward prioritizing sustainable fashion and consumer goods investments. Gain insights into the family office's approach to integrating sustainable practices into its portfolio companies and discover specific examples of impactful initiatives.

Beyond financial returns, Vishal discusses how The Valkin Group measures and evaluates the broader impact of its investments—a practice he terms "conscious capital." Diving into unique investments made in the sustainability space and exploring the outcomes, shedding light on the tangible results of the family office's commitment to conscious investing.

Vishal candidly shares the challenges encountered along this transformative journey and provides a glimpse into how The Valkin Group successfully navigated these obstacles. As the founder of Elite Models in London and with a diverse portfolio under The Valkin Group, Vishal's insights into entrepreneurship, operations, finance, and business development offer a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of sustainable practices.

In the broader context, we explore Vishal's vision for the role of family offices in promoting sustainable practices and conscious capital across the Asia-Pacific region.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from this visionary leader shaping the future of conscious investing.

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