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The Future of Healthcare is Now: Dr. Alan Chang on Innovation, Investment, and Impact in Asia-Pacific

20 December 2023

The Future of Healthcare is Now: Dr. Alan Chang on Innovation, Investment, and Impact in Asia-Pacific

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Learn how Taron Solutions is empowering early-stage drug developers and collaborating on a groundbreaking vaccine plant with the University of Hong Kong.

The interview talks about some of these key topics:

  • Emerging trends and innovations in healthcare

  • Navigating healthcare investments: For family offices seeking to invest in this promising sector, Dr. Chang provides insights into choosing the most suitable strategy, from direct investments to venture capital and private equity.

  • Impact investing in healthcare: Emphasizes the rising trend of impact investing, where financial returns are paired with positive social and environmental outcomes.

  • Collaboration and co-investment: Success in healthcare often hinges on collaborative efforts. Dr. Chang shares examples of successful partnerships between family offices and asset managers, showcasing the benefits of shared expertise and risk mitigation.

  • Supporting early-stage ventures: The crucial role family offices can play in nurturing innovation by supporting early-stage biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Dr Chang’s expertise and the example of Taron Solutions' innovative contributions serve as a guide for those seeking to make impactful investments while driving positive change in the healthcare sector.

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