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World Family Office Forum: A Resounding Success in Montreux

11 June 2024

World Family Office Forum: A Resounding Success in Montreux

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June 11, 2024. Montreux, Switzerland – The prestigious World Family Office Forum, held on June 3-4, 2024, at the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, concluded its fourth edition with resounding success. The event brought together Europe’s leading business families, single-family offices, and their trusted advisors for two days of in-depth knowledge-sharing, thought leadership, and high-level business networking.

Event Overview

The World Family Office Forum is an exclusive summit that convenes elite family office principals and senior leadership from across Europe. This year's forum maintained a high-level delegation with the majority of the participants representing family offices and their respective offices, the delegation included industry experts and service providers, further enriching the event with their diverse insights and expertise.

Key Highlights

The summit kicked off with a warm welcome and insightful panel discussion on crucial topics such as legacy and leadership, investment strategies in the face of global economic shifts, and the nuances of family business governance in modern times. Notable sessions included:

  • Legacy & Leadership Panel: Moderated by Sally Woodford, this panel featured prominent speakers like Ulrich Schmid-Maybach, Ariane Spandow, and Paulina Jakubec. They discussed balancing family dynamics with business decisions and integrating younger generations into leadership roles.

  • Investment Strategies Panel: Walter Gontarek led a discussion on adapting to global economic and political changes, with insights from Rodolfo De Benedetti, Henrietta Gourlay, Davide Tosetti, and Simon Tandy.

  • Venture Capital Panel: Jeremy Sparrow moderated a session on venture capital's role in innovation and economic growth, featuring Isabel Azoulay, Ariel Barack, and Isabelle Freidheim.

Special Sessions and Networking Opportunities

The forum also featured several fireside chats and roundtable discussions on diverse topics such as private debt, Asia's role in global portfolios, and championing diversity in finance. Noteworthy presentations included Andrew Brenton on public equities as a family portfolio cornerstone, and Bas Kooijman on navigating low volatility for sustained growth. Participants had ample opportunities for networking during breaks, lunches, and the evening cocktail reception and gala dinner at La Terrasse du Petit Palais.

Closing Thoughts

The event concluded with a forward-looking keynote on balancing transformation, tradition, and reputation within family offices by Sally Tennant OBE, followed by closing remarks from the Summit Chair, summarizing key takeaways and insights from the two-day event. The World Family Office Forum continues to be an essential gathering for Europe’s elite family offices, offering a platform for invaluable connections, knowledge exchange, and strategic investment insights. Attendees left with fresh perspectives and strengthened relationships, looking forward to next year’s edition.

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